Kleur Bekennen

Inspired by the Humanae project by Angélica Dass, the Kleur Bekennen interactive installation was created as part of the Soft Power. Arte Brasil. exhibition in Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort.

Visitors could take a portrait picture of themselves with the press of a button. Analog to the original work by Dass, the skin colour of the person in the portrait was then set as the background colour of the photo, and the colour code is added below. Whereas Dass does this manually, the Kleur Bekennen installation puts the visitors in control. One can stand in front of the camera, press a button, smile, and the image was processed automatically by a face detection algorithm and greenscreen software. In true digital style, the pictures displayed a hexadecimal (web) colour code.

Visitors could upload their coloured portrait to the KAdE Facebook page with another push of the button, from which they could download or share it. By fully automating the process, the installation was able to process well over one thousand visitors during the exhibition. The simple one-button interface proved easy to use by all different age categories and lowered the barrier to use the installation.

It was most wonderful to see that people started playing and experimenting with the installation, covering their faces in order to fool the algorithms and posing with multiple people in the picture. To accommodate the latter, the software was reconfigured to calculate the average skin colour of up to five visitors.